Subtalar screw – flat foot

Osteosyntheses device

The titanium alloy TiAl6V4 subtalar screw has been specially designed to correct and limit excessive flatfoot pronation in adults and children.
Device designed to avoid the three axial tarsal movement, removing the resultant consequences.

• Valgus pronated congenital essential child and adolescent hindfoot eventually combined medializing calcaneal osteotomy.
• Linked to calcaneal osteotomy for medialization with important launch of the hindfoot adult instable pronated foot.

Diameter Length
7,0 mm 13 mm
8,0 mm 14 mm
8,0 mm 15 mm
10,0 mm 16 mm
11,0 mm 17 mm
12,0 mm 18 mm

Medical Device Registration Number: 392155/R C.N.D. P091299 CE 0476

Surgical Protocol

Scarica il pdf Protocollo Chirurgico – Vite subtalare