Instruments and accessories

EasyShort® system represents a solution for reduced bone height.

An implant can be successfully inserted only if the instruments are accurate and have been subjected to regular maintenance. OVERMED produces its own instruments, starting from high quality materials and high precision. It is up to the user to keep the surgical and prosthetic instruments clean and ready to use.

Except for dental implants, all components supplied in NON-STERILE packaging, including those that pass in the oral cavity for a short time, must be CLEANED and DISINFECTED using disinfectant solutions for medical devices and STERILIZED in autoclave in accordance with the instructions for use supplied by the manufacturer of the tool itself.

Cutting instruments can be reused after proper maintenance, provided they are not damaged or contaminated. Do not use the instruments after the end of their actual life cycle and do not use damaged and/or contaminated instruments. If properly maintained, cutting instruments can be reused up to a maximum of 20 times (1 time = 1 implant placement); any further application beyond this number or the use of damaged and/or contaminated instruments is not permitted.