EasyShort – Fixture dimensions


The colour code (yellow, blue, green) identifies implants with the same diameter. This code is also used to identify the corresponding surgical tool.


EasyShort Implant ø 4.00 mm wide threaded


Code ø (mm) ø A (mm) Length (mm)
EDW40065 4.00 4.25 6.5


EasyShort Implant ø 4.75 mm wide threaded


Code ø (mm) ø A (mm) Length (mm)
EDW475065 4.75 4.80 6.5


EasyShort Implant ø 5.25 mm wide threaded


Code ø (mm) ø A (mm) Length (mm)
EDW525065 5.25 4.80 6.5


The structure of the EasyShort® fixture and its prosthetic components was analysed by numerical techniques using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and the results have been validated successfully by mechanical tests, performed in accordance with current regulatory requirements.