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Easy Rapid system

EasyRapid® technical features


Inside the neck of the fixture is an octagonal seating, followed by a tapered section.
This seating is used for the engagement of the prosthetic components and it is standard for all types of EasyRapid® fixtures.
The conical coupling gives stability to the implant-abutment connection while the octagonal portion prevents rotation. On the bottom of the connection there is an M2 threaded hole that allows to tighten the abutment to the implant thorough a fastening screw.



For an optimal and rapid osseointegration, the implant surface is treated by a special shot peening process. This process is carried out with white corundum, specific to the medical field, with constant pressure and particle size. Subsequently, the threaded portion of the fixture is subjected to a chemical etching treatment.
Live studies and histological analysis have confirmed that the surface treatments performed on EasyRapid ® systems are able to speed up the osseointegration process and thus to reduce the time of bone neogenesis.


Orthopedic threads

Thread cortex according to ISO 5835. The profile is asymmetric for an easier insertion; the thread shoulder is almost flat to ensure a good seal to the unscrewing and a good effect of bone compaction. The cortical micro-threading allows optimal osseo-integration and minimal crestal shrinkage.



There is a notch at the end of the thread which makes the fixture self-tapping. In this way it is possible to avoid tapping into the implant site as the fixture fixes itself into the bone tissue. At 180° of the central axis of the fixture is a similar notch which makes the fitting more efficient and uniform.



The peculiar characteristic of the system is the integration of a drill at the end of the fixture which allows rapid insertion. The outer edges are sharp functioning like a drill combined with a reamer.