Instruments and accessories

EasyNeck® dental implant system comprises a range of instruments, specifically developed to guarantee a precise and easy use of it.

The range of dedicated instruments distinguish between surgical and prosthetic instrument.

A dental implant can be successfully inserted only if the dedicated instruments are intact and undergo a regular maintenance. OVERMED produces its own instruments with high quality materials and precision. It is practitioner’s responsibility to keep them clean and ready to use.

Apart from the dental implants, all devices sold as NON STERILE should be CLEANED and DISINFECTED using specific medical devices products and STERILIZED in autoclave according to the given instruction for use and using a validated method.

Cutting instruments are reusable devices, but only with a correct maintenance and providing a good state without evident signs of damages or contaminations. DO NOT use instruments after their natural life cycle. Cutting instruments should not be used more than 20 times (1 time = 1 implant insertion); use of cutting instruments damaged, contaminated or further 20 times is strongly discouraged.