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EasyFix system

EasyFix® system, temporary implant



EasyFix® implants are mini implants 2.4 mm in diameter with a length of 11.13 mm and 15 mm, suitable for use on narrow ridges and suitable for temporary restorations supported via an O-ring.

The surgical procedure is simplified, with the use of a single reamer of diameter 1.4 mm, which allows rapid and easy insertion. It is recommended to drill at a maximum speed of 1000 rpm while cooling the site with sterile saline at 5°C.

Choose the most suitably size for the mini implants, characterized by the best transmucosal collar size: there are three different sizes 1, 2 and 3 mm to fit optimally into the soft tissues.

Open the packing, take out the implant and screw it manually until you meet excessive resistance. To complete the insertion, use the torque ratchet wrench ELSAPK with the torque ratchet ELKWD set to 50 N*cm.


Ball ø 2.5 mm compatible with O-ring holder (cushioned) or Rhein copings (variable holding).

Octagon of 3.0 mm for a safe and efficient insertion.

Smooth neck for mucosa management: 3 measures, 1, 2 e 3 mm


Thread cortex to guarantee primary stability (8 ° taper)


5-fixOrthopedic thread for a more effective screwing. Surface treatment of shoot peening and micro etching for faster osseo- integration.


Self-tapping threads and conical apex for a smoother and faster screwing: compaction of cancellous bone allowing the possibility of immediate loading.