Easy Equator – passive bar with Seeger System


EasyEquator® Abutment – not included in the Kit

The function of EasyEquator® “Seeger system” is to connect systems in a passive manner. The white Seeger ring corrects any imperfections in the casting process and laboratory casting, thus allowing the bar to stay passively on the EasyEquator® abutment. Thanks to the low profile it will correct even extreme differences, improving the function of the famous MUA.





Seeger passive bar system

The pack contains:
2 castable cylinders for seeger
3 Seeger red plastic laboratory
3 seeger elastic retentive for locking the prosthesis
2 titanium closing caps




Elastic seeger

STUDY: Way of use

sezione-inserimentoThe seeger, made of a special plastic has an insertion direction, being conical the thinner part must face the base of the abutment following the direction of the opening in the ring.


seeger-1EasyEquator® titanium abutments screwed into the implants. The elastic seeger system will be used to position the bar .

seeger-2The cast bar in position. The white elastic seeger ring is positioned in the cylindrical housing.

seeger-3Using the insertion tool for ’”ELASTIC SEEGER” to fully seat the ring.

seeger-4Pressing with the special inserter, the spring snaps over the profile of the equator, between the walls and the equatorial undercut of the sphere, blocking the bar of the implants.

seeger-5The white rings solidly and passively block the bar; remove the screw cap made of titanium with a special square headed driver.

seeger-6 You proceed with the screwing of the titanium closure cap. The contact with the spring “ELASTIC SEEGER” creates a compression (type against nut) that prevents loosening.

seeger-7Finished bar passively blocked in the mouth.

seeger-8 Work completed, always recommended, the construction of a reinforcing structure in the prosthesis.


sglab1Screw the abutments EasyEquator® analogs of the plaster model.


sglab2Place the red castable cylinder and insert the red laboratory seeger ring (with the thin part facing downwards); tighten the titanium cap screw without using force.

sglab3Cover the castable with wax or resin, EasyEquator® castable in position.

sglab4Remove the red seeger lab rings before covering.

sglab5Cast bar in position.

sglab6Skeleton in position, the stainless steel containers will be blocked passively by the composite material.

sglab7The retention can be managed using different retention caps.

sglab8Finished prosthesis.