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EasyEquator System

EasyEquator® is the smallest attachment on the market.

EasyEquator® is the smallest attachment on the market: the overall vertical dimension vertical is just 2.1 mm with a maximum diameter of 4.4 mm. EasyEquator® is available in castable or titanium nitride TiN version that allows you to plan, depending on the available space, different types of over-denture solutions. The implant has high quality retention, minimal dimensions and gives the ability to correct major discrepancies.

EasyEquator2Using EasyEquator® simply involves screwing (either manually or with the torque wrench) the abutment on the implant so that it emerges 0.5 mm above the mucosa, in order to ensure optimum operation. You then proceed with fixing the retention caps which protect the system, then fixing the protective silicone diskette and then to the final filling with resin; the retentions will then be elastic stabilizing the prosthesis.
The retention caps used with the special stainless steel containers have 4 levels of holding capacity; the colour of the cap identifies the degree of retention: 0.6 kg extra-soft →yellow, 1.2kg soft → pink, 1.8 kg standard → white 2.7 kg violet → strong; also available is a black cap for the laboratory.


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