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Guided Surgery – Fixing radiological template

The radiological template is fixed in the patient’s mouth according to his clinical condition and availability of diagnostic equipment in the medical studios. Overmed radiological template has 5 radiopaque reference landmarks, in order to correctly define and recreate the dental arch position.

Partially edentulous patient


  • Custom-made radiological template with stable support on teeth.

Fully edentulous patient


  • Radiological template fixed with a resin on the patient removable prosthesis.

Overmed solution


  • Fastening on semi-implantable pins, which fix the radiological template with dedicated retention components, therefore during CT Scan the patient can manage independently the template in his mouth, without mistakes or imprecisions.


  • In case CT Scan could be performed directly in the clinical studios, the standard surgical template can be fixed on the teeth with a resin.
  • dima-rx-su-vallo-masticazioneFastening with resin to a wax rim standatdized on the patient’s mouth.


  • The fastening pins are inserted into the bone before the radiological exam and remain in the patient’s mouth until the surgery, acting as a support also for the surgical template.