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Guided Surgery – Service Description

Guided Surgery
Guided surgery represents an improvement in the traditional surgery, increasing the advantages for clinicians and patients. The guided procedure allows reaching a high accuracy in implant insertion with flapless surgery, using a surgical guide manufactured according to the surgery virtual planning for a specific patient. This allows a complete work in only one appointment. Flapless technique, avoiding the gingival incision and the subsequent suture, permits a faster mucosa healing, lower bone reabsorption and a higher implant stability. Moreover, the surgery time is reduced, as well as the intraoperative bleed, swelling and pain for the patient who can resume faster his normal life.

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OVERMED service:

  • Possibility to entrust to Overmed the processes of planning, radiological and surgical production and prosthetic structure creation, for a complete and safe work.
  • Higher efficacy of the treatment thanks to the clinical case planning customized on the patient.
  • Surgery and prosthesis in the same appointment, shortening the chairside times and thus the trouble for patient and clinician.
  • Excellent aesthetics thanks to a little invasive surgery and a custom-made prosthesis.