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EasySmart System

Technical features EasySmart® system


Inside the neck of the fixture is an octagonal seating, followed by a tapered section.
This seating is used for the engagement of the prosthetic components and it is standard for all types of EasySmart® fixtures.
The conical coupling gives stability to the implant-abutment connection while the octagonal portion prevents rotation. On the bottom of the connection there is an M2 threaded hole that allows to tighten the abutment to the implant thorough a fastening screw.


For an optimal and rapid osseointegration, the implant surface is treated by a special shot peening process. This process is carried out with white corundum, specific to the medical field, with constant pressure and particle size. Subsequently, the threaded portion of the fixture is subjected to a chemical etching treatment.
Live studies and histological analysis have confirmed that the surface treatments performed on EasySmart® systems are able to speed up the osseointegration process and thus to reduce the time of bone neogenesis.



The transgingival neck (1,5 mm) has a machined surface that provides excellent adhesion to the gingival mucosa.



Longitudinal slots

The three longitudinal slots collect the bone fragments obtained from the action of the reamers.
During screwing they allow the redistribution of the fragments along the lower portion of the implant.


Thread profiles

The implant has been designed to adapt to the different characteristics of the bone tissue on which the intervention takes place. In this regard, there are two different thread profiles:
fine-double threaded and coarse threaded. The fine-double threaded implant is mainly adapted to the presence of compact bone tissue D1/D2. In these cases it is advisable to scrupulously respect the surgical protocol and use the tap.
It is also possible to use this system, excluding the use of the tap, in bone tissues D3/D4 (upper and distal zones), after having verified the stability of the same.
The coarse threaded implant is characterized by an extremely large thread, which enables an exceptional screwing even in conditions of bone quality D3/D4. In case of more compact bone, we recommend the use of bone tap.